Communication training

The training provides the basis for an authentical and confident performance and for a more attentive encounter with other people. The participants will improve their communication skills as well as their sovereignty and creativity towards colleagues and customers. In order to achieve this we work with exercises that are used to train actors. We also teach various theoretical models. Various situations are then analysed on the basis of these models and changed in a playful way.

Training objectives::

  • Charisma and impact on others as well as more expressiveness
  • Boosting the abilities of perception, communication and to enter a dialogue
  • Expansion of the action repertoire

The communication training is aimed at people with the intention to communicate consciously, constructively and with personality, all those who wish to improve their verbal and nonverbal skills.

Content and methods

The training addresses all three relevant learning levels: physical and emotional experience as well as cognitive processing.

Practical exercises form the training's basis in order to make the communication experience substantial. The exercises also generate a positive atmosphere throughout the group, thus amplifying the learning effect and also the memorisation of what is experienced during the training. Based on these practical experiences we connect the contents with the concepts and ideas of clowns and relate them to psychological and neurobiological theories. In addition, we provide the framework to discuss the subjects in the group and to transfer them to work and everyday situations.