How To Realise Projects

What is your goal? What gives you the power to realise it?

"Our desires are anticipations of
Skills that reside in us,
harbingers of what we
will be able to achieve."


  • to set your own projects in motion and not get stuck in the attempt to do so,
  • to discover and benefit from one's own resources,
  • to walk one's own way,
  • to develop one's own potential.
Content / activity
  • Definition of individual objectives
    What's important to me in particular and where should I focus my energy?
  • Express the objective in order to allow for the greatest chance of implementing it
  • Identification of personal resources and getting conscious of one's own wishes
    Where are my strengths and what inspires me?
  • Goal-oriented use of resources
  • Application in daily life

Neurobiological reserches show that changes are possible if we change our way of acting. A simple analysis is not enough. That is why we work with creative and imaginative techniques. We apply specific methods to facilitate the practical implementation. Motivation, endurance and a strong will are strengthened. The training is action-oriented.


Frauke Nees und Petra Daiber

"Wenn du ein Schiff bauen willst, so trommle nicht Männer zusammen, um Holz zu beschaffen, Werkzeuge vorzubereiten, Aufgaben zu vergeben und die Arbeit einzuteilen, sondern lehre die Männer die Sehnsucht nach dem weiten, endlosen Meer." (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)