From stage into life

More charm for more assertiveness

Status means the imbalance of power when two persons meet each other. If we are aware that every situation of interaction is (partly) determined by high and low status and if we can move confidently into this situation, we get more freedom, confidence and composure.

Status manifests itself in body posture, voice, looks, gestures, facial expressions, etc. It has a strong impact on determining who leads in each situation. At the same time it affects one's own experience and feelings and those of the other person.

Both, high and low status, may lead to the objective, but they are influenced by different needs and have different consequences:

Situational High Status: need for dominance and distance. The profit: One is respected. The price: One is not necessarily liked.

Situational Low status: need for harmony and closeness. This is accompanied by a deferral of the own interests. The profit: One is liked. The price: One is less respected.

People take one or the other position, depending on the situation. However, everyone finds himself typically more comfortable in one of the two roles than in the other.

It is useful to know the rules of the game in order to switch as needed between high and low status. By doing so one gets more freedom of action and decision in everyday life.

It is possible to change or transform if one actually thinks and acts in a different way than before. Therefore, we work with exercises from the improvisational theater. Status plays an important role in improvised scenes, developing characters and dialogues to keep them going. Thats why the training is very action-oriented. The experience is direct. So the training contains more than theory lessons and technique: the necessary dialogues are already practiced in the training, thus expanding the repertoire of action.

  • to become aware of the own preferred status role
  • to feel well in both, the high and low status
  • playful approach to status change in daily situations
  • inner distance in challenging situations
  • to feel better
  • assertiveness
  • to develop leadership skills
  • relationship skills and empathy
  • teamwork
  • more serenity, sovereignty and charisma
  • humor

"Hoch-, Tiefstatus: Von der B├╝hne ins Leben" auf der 42. Psychotherapiewoche Langeoog 19./20.-25. Mai 2013